Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Kickin'

Some people update their blog often...some people don't. Which brings me to a really great observation Porter made; "Sometimes we throw up, sometimes we don't." The kid is a genius!
 I don't even know where to start to catch y'all up on my life so I won't even try. I'll post a few pictures here and say that all is well with me and my family.
The kids are growing up too fast. Porter will start school in one year. That's way too soon for me. Adellia is, I think, pretty much exactly like me at her age. She loves to make messes!! Just this morning she made a beautiful blue masterpiece on the wall with crayons. Rubie is 8 months old now and she's so close to walking it's scary! She has such a funny personality and I anticipate that she will be my "diffucult" child. What am I saying, she already is!! She loves to torment the bigger kids when they are trying to eat. "Mom, Rubie is stealing my food!!" I have one of those baby seats that hooks to the table for her to sit in when we eat but she hates it and makes short work of the 5-point harness that holds her in it. I have to stay within an arms length when she's in it so she won't fall out.
 Trent is back in school now (online) which means a lot of work for me and him. I think my job is harder. Don't tell him I said that. I have to keep the kids under control and somewhat quiet while he does his homework. Plus I'm like his secretary. I make sure he knows what is due when and all that stuff.
My garden is doing ok this year. I have what I like to call a tomato jungle in the greenhouse. Im getting squash and cucumbers pretty regularly now too. Porter's giant pumpkins are doing good but they may not end up being as giant as the picture on the seed packet. The only thing that dissapointed us this year is the corn. I put it in a new spot and I think it may not get enough sun. We will still get some corn but not as much as last year. I already have plans for what I will do with next years garden. I also want to plant some more flowers. Porter's sunflowers mostly got ate by the bulls through the fence and I didn't really plan ahead with the flowers so I got very few blooms. I am looking forward to hollyhocks next summer and some lupines that I just planted (if they survive the winter).

She wanted tomatoes with her breakfast. YUM!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabin Fever

It warmed up today quite a bit, but it's still too cold to take Rubie outside to play. I am pretty much dying of cabin fever. I can't wait till summer. Rubie is one month old today. I can't believe it. She's already growing up too fast. Trent has been sick the last few days. He's got a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and fever. I went to church yesterday by my self with three kids. Holy cow that was fun, and I'm sure it was entertaining to everyone else in our branch. But we made it through. It was Porter's second time going to "sunbeams" (which is really just the younger half of the primary) He really had a hard time. He wanted to go to nursery with Adellia. So I went to class and primary with him. I think he will get the hang of it...I hope.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Back

Okay, so I'm kind of sick of facebook so I thought I'd come back here to share my life with my friends. Besides that I've got a lot of "friends" on facebook that I don't really consider close enough friends to share with them my thoughts and other things that go on in my life. Most of you (except for you blog-stalkers out there...you know who you are) who know about this blog are close friends and family.
I won't waste time trying to catch up on everything that has happened since I last posted because it has been a whole year. The most important thing that happend this year happened last friday when our 3rd baby was born. Her name is Rubie and she is a sweetheart and we love her to pieces. That said she just woke up and needs her mama so until next time (hopefully not next year) Have a great New Year and all that stuff.

The Kids and Baby Rubie

This is our newest addition to our family. Rubie Belle. She was born on Dec. 17, 2010. We love her very much and are so happy to have her in our family.

weight: 7lbs. 9oz.
length: 19in.
Color: pinkish-white (for those of you who were wondering if Porter got the black baby he wanted.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

On December 4 we moved to Spring Valley, Nevada to the church ranch.Where Trent got a job as the Foreman. It is a good job and we love being far away from civilization. I have been working on decorating the new house. This is Adellia's room, a work in progress.

I made a new slip-cover for our couch. Sometimes I even suprise myself with my amazing domestic abilities ha ha.

This is the view from our living room window. Beautiful even in the dead of winter.

On January 11 my Grandma Barbara died. She was a very talented awesome lady that I look up to very much. I will miss her greatly.
This is a picture of all my cousins on my mom's side that were able to come the funeral. Alot of them I hadn't seen in years.

We had a fun Christmas. Porter got a Trike from Santa and Adellia got a bouncy zebra thing. We had family come up here for dinner.

These are some pies I made for Christmas dinner.
We took family pictures in Veyo (Not professional if you can't tell). It was a complete circus and out of probably fifty photos this is about the best.

Christmas Tree Hunting
We found the perfect tree, but when we got it home it barely fit in our house.

These were just some cute pics playing on a Dozer in Caliente

I made these Skunk costumes for Halloween. They turned out really cute. Halloween didn't go quite as planned we ended up unexpectedly going trick-or-treating in Veyo with improvised costumes. Daddy got there later with the skunk costumes so we put them on to take pictures.